Invalid Information

When you sign up for Anydrive, update your info or recover your account some of the data may be highlighted, to indicate it is invalid. This guide will help you find out why.

  1. Email Address: Your email address may be shown as invalid if an account with the same email address already exists.
  2. Password: The password must be at least eight characters or more. If your password is recognized as too week, you can't register with that password and you should try a different one. Please keep in mind that a strong and unique password is the best way to protect your account.
  3. Name: Your name can only contain letters and be no longer than twelve characters. If it is shown as invalid, it may be too long. We recommend that you use your real first name.
  4. Access Code: A keyword that is only issued to testers. If you get an error despite having an access code there may be no more licenses left. You cannot sign up without this code.